Is an Accuquilt Go Cutter A Must-Have?

I think so.  There are several reasons why a Go Cutter should be in your inventory.  The main reason for me is that I do have arthritis.  So, when I have a flair-up, my Go Cutter is there for me.  I appreciate the crisp cuts and straight edges which aid in making a better quilt.  There are several dye sets that are a complete pattern which makes it easier for a beginning quilter learn quicker. 

There are four cutters. 

              Go!  Me.  This one is good for Beginning Quilters and kids.

              Go!  I own this.  It is for Everyday Quilters, students, and hobbyists.  It cuts up to 6 layers of fabric.

              Go!  Big Electric.   I have this on my wish list as it is excellent for everyone, especially quilters with arthritis.  This one cuts up to 6 layers of fabric.

              Studio 2.  Great for large workloads and can be used for retail and avid quilters.  It cuts up to 10 layers of fabric.

Click here for further information on these Cutters.  As there is such a large assortment of dyes, I will follow up in other blog posts.