About Us

Whether you’re searching for your daily dose of inspiration, a dash of no-fuss guidance, or a space to connect with like-minded hobbyists, this corner of the internet is centered on building a bustling community of quilters. Creating a space where tips are shared, next-generation products are in touching distance, and a bucket-load of encouragement is a tap away, we have become the feel-good hub you didn’t know you needed – until now.
Putting in the legwork – so you don’t have to – we’re on a mission to put tips, tricks, and hacks at your fingertips, from sampling new releases and spotlighting the latest techniques, to guiding future quilters as they dip their toes into the world of sewing. To us, it’s never been about the number of views we can rack up. It’s about forming bonds, building friendships, and creating an environment that nurtures your passions.
Hand stitched, pieced, patchwork and colorful stack of quilts

And if you’re curious about the face behind the name? From the moment I could walk and talk, my keen interest in sewing has been undeniable, but as day-to-day responsibilities and full-time work built up, I had to put down the fabric and focus on my future. That was until I was reeled in by a quilt store during an aimless wander around town. I felt my passion for sewing grow back ten-fold, giving me the push to become a fabric and quilt store owner. From there, Hello Quilters was born.